Over the last 31 years we have built a large client base of over 250 AGA Cookers some of which have gone through multiple owners. We endeavour to please everybody and will provide testimonials from many satisfied AGA owners who treat us as part of their extended family.  Part of working with so many different personalities is the acceptance that no one can keep everybody happy all of the time. We are proud to have a 99% customer satisfaction rate. We stand by our reputation, the feedback from our clients and the professional pride we take in every service.  We are nice guys and we know our AGA Cookers.

Thank you so much for coming to our home on Christmas Day and getting the AGA up and running. You saved Christmas dinner! (R.R. in Victoria, BC)

Coming back to our summer house on [private island] and finding the AGA had gone out was very disheartening. We are so grateful that you were able to come out the same day by boat to fix the AGA. (P.P. in Vancouver, BC)

Thanks for the speedy service fixing the AGA yesterday… supper is cooking nicely now! (V.G. in Sidney, BC)

Thanks so much for getting my Mum’s AGA sorted. She is so lost without it having had one for so many years. Her caregivers now understand the AGA better. (V.P. in Toronto, Ont)