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Q: Should I turn my AGA off when going away for a month or so?
A: It has been proven best to turn your AGA down to lower end of green band for those periods. If leaving your cooker for longer durations just turn it off, running with pilot does not really do much. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these procedures.

Q: Can I have my AGA brought back to new condition?
A: We have refurbished many older Aga’s to their former glory by replacing worn parts like Dome Chromes and Liners, Door liners and Gaskets, Hot Cupboard Dividing Shelves and Interior Paint. Unfortunately we do not have access to re-enameling on this continent but new tops and colour sets can be ordered. Please contact us for quotes on any upgrades you have in mind for your AGA.

Q: Can anybody work on my AGA?
A: Legally any Gas Fitter who holds a current license can service your burner but most have limited access to Genuine AGA spares and will fit aftermarket parts. There is more to an AGA annual service than changing a thermocouple.  Please ensure for your own peace of mind that anybody who works on your AGA holds Current AGA Training Certification, Current Gas Ticket and adequate Liability Insurance. A local Business License and Worksafe B.C. Clearance Letter should also be provided otherwise you are assuming all liability.

Q: Can I still buy a new heat storage AGA Cooker?
A: As of January 2015 the traditional heat storage AGA Cooker will no longer be available for purchase new in North America. All AGA Cookers now incorporate electronic components, need electricity and many require computer diagnostics. We do offer a selection of pre-loved traditional AGAs that are built to last a few lifetimes. Please contact us for current inventory.